Argentina Mi Amor

Hola, and welcome to Argentina! As you probably know, Argentina is a huge South American country with one of the most diverse landscapes: Natural rainforests in the north east, wide and flat farmlands in the middle, high Andes mountains in the west, atlantic beaches in the east, rocky deserts in the south, all the way to glaciers and ice at the southerin tip. Even the highest mountain of America is located in Argentina: Mount Aconcagua with its 6962 m.

Without a doubt one of the most famous places of Argentina is its capital, Buenos Aires. Of course you could go on a sightseeing trip, but you might be surprised of how few sights there actually are. But that really doesn’t matter, since being in Buenos Aires is all about catching its atmosphere. It’s a lively, busy city combined with warmheartedly inhabitants who love children. Since soccer is such an important sport to Argentines, you will spot people of all ages playing it in the streets.

Soccer is definitely a great way to connect with locals. Another way is Tango. Surely you have heard about Tango Argentino, a dance that originates from here. If you would like to experience a part of Argentine culture, we advise you to take part of a Tango workshop in Buenos Aires. Fun is guaranteed! If you don’t want to dance on your own, you should at least consider watching a Tango show.

Culinarily, there is no way around Argentine Steak. Argentina is famous for its delicious steaks all around the world, so you must taste it while you are in Argentina! We recommend to order a mixed grill, called “asado”. If you are somehow still hungry afterwards, you might like to taste “empanadas”, which are basically stuffed dumplings.

Argentina is most definitely a stunning country. And surely there is so much more to experience. Are you curious to find out more by yourself? Then go ahead! Book a trip via Socialbnb! We are always interested about your experiences, so feel free to reach out to us.

Learn more about our Socialbnb at an ecological NGO in Buenos Aires here.

Written by: Sophie Fritzen
Edited by: Robert Beahr

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