We’ve researched a bit to give you a few starting points and impressions for your trip. This will obviously only give you a very small glimpse into Argentina’s diversity. If you have some insider tips yourself, that you want to share with the community, feel free to comment this post.

Buenos Aires

The vibrant capital of the country is a must-see. Besides experiencing the city by foot, you should definitely visit the fair Fería de Mataderos to enjoy great food and live music and marvel at handicrafts and art from locals. If you want to get out away from the buzz, a boat ride on the river Tigre or a day visit to the delta in the north of Buenos Aires are great alternatives.

Iguazú waterfalls

Yes, this is probably the most visited sight in Argentina. But even though it can get very crowded, Iguazu is definitely worth a visit. Try to come here as early in the morning as possible to avoid the masses and visit the surrounding rain forest. And try to stop your understandable urge to take photos all the time. Most likely, you won`t be able to capture the fall’s impressive dimensions and beauty. Fully enjoy the views and sounds with your all your senses. But be prepared to get wet.

El Chaltén: Patagonia

Patagonia is a dream location for extreme hikers. But also for less physically trained travellers there are many options to enjoy stunning views of the Argentinan alps. El Chaltén is a small city close to the Chilean border and suits well as a starting point for treks in- and outside of the national park Los Glacieres. But since it has become very popular, try to avoid the high season and book your busses and acommodations in advance.


The capital of the ‘Land of fire’ is the most southern city of Argentina. It’s great starting point to visit the Tierra del Fuego national park or go on a boat tour on the beagle canal. Maybe you are lucky enough to see many large sea birds, whales or sea lions.

More information:

– Drink the national beverage Mate-tea in the traditional way.

– For the sweet teeth: enjoy alfajores as a snack (double biscuits with a sweet cream filling)

– The seasons are opposite to those on the Northern Hemisphere, so keep in mind that it can get quite hot from January to March. Locals travel the most from December to February, which can affect the prices

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