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Trash Talk

Hi everyone, today I want to talk to you about trash. I know, the topic is more serious than most other blogs on this page, but maybe you can learn something from it. After all, trash is an issue that should concern every single one of us, as we are all impacted by it. I […]


Colorful Colombia

There is only one country on the South-American continent that has shores on both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. You guessed it: Colombia! As we welcome a new country on this platform, we would like to take the chance and tell you a bit about this incredible country. Let’s start with its capital, Bogotá. […]

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Mozambique – Welcome to paradise!

Welcome to paradise! Saloma, olá, hello! Welcome to the beautiful country Mozambique! As this amazing South African country joins our Socialbnb family, we want to take the chance and introduce you to its features. Since Mozambique has a long coastline along the Indian Ocean, it is no wonder that this country has magnificent, white sandy […]


Argentina Mi Amor

Argentina Mi Amor Hola, and welcome to Argentina! As you probably know, Argentina is a huge South American country with one of the most diverse landscapes: Natural rainforests in the north east, wide and flat farmlands in the middle, high Andes mountains in the west, atlantic beaches in the east, rocky deserts in the south, […]


Uganda – Pearl of Africa

Pearl of Africa Winston Churchill once called Uganda “The Pearl of Afrika”. And he was right: “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion and brilliant life”. So what are you waiting for? Keep on reading and dive into the Magnificence of Uganda, as Churchill called it. Lets start with Ugandas Capital, Kampala. […]


South Africa – The Rainbow Nation

The Rainbow Nation New week, new country! Located at the southern tip of the African continent – join us on our journey to South Africa! Obviously South Africa has a long coastline, since it is located at the entire southern tip of Africa. So naturally there are plenty of beautiful beaches all over that coastline, […]


Tanzania – Do you wanna go on safari?

Do you wanna go on Safari? We are excited to present a new African country in this platform: Tanzania! There is a lot to tell you about Tanzania, so lets jump right off into the introduction, shall we? Tanzania is located in central Africa and shares a border with Kenya in the north. Just like […]


Morocco – An Arabian Dream

Morocco – An Arabian Dream This week is especially exciting for us since not only an NGO from Tanzania joined our platform, but also one from Morocco! Here is what you shouldn’t miss on your trip: Morocco is a northwestern African country, not too far away from the European continent. You can even spot Spain […]