The island state Cabo verde consist of 9 populated islands. They are often seen as the less touristy alternative to the Canary islands. But that doesn’t mean, that they have less to offer. Each island is unique regarding their landscapes, culture and even language dialects!


São Vicente

This very dry island and its main city Mindelo is known as the capital of culture. Visit São Vicente for local music, nightlife, art and carnival. Dance with locals in the street and enjoy their daily life.

Here you can stay at the hostel of our partner project Simabo to support their work with stray animals. Try the National dish Catchupa; A slow-cooked hearty stew/soup with beans, corn, and veggies.


A paradise for all beach lovers! Of all the islands of Cabo Verde, Sal is touristically the most developed one. Many cities in Europe offer flights to Sal, which take approx. 6 hours. In Santa Maria, the biggest city on Sal and the touristic hotspot, you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and wide beaches. A good alternative are the city Espargos and the small fishing village Palmeira with the main harbour of the island. From the capital you should definitely visit Pedra de Lume, where you can take a  healing bath in the salt lake, that gives the island its name.

Santo Antão

This second largest island is most famous for its spectacular but challenging hiking trails. You can enjoy great views once you conquered up to 1900 vertical meters. The combination of the ocean and mountainous highlands, palm trees and pine forest make the island an extraordinary place. You should also take the old road from Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande to enjoy the transitioning of the landscape. You also must try the goat cheese and Grogue (sugar cane liquor)!


Head to Maio if you want to escape from all the tourist masses and spend your day chilling on wide, solitary beaches and in small, dreamy villages. You can observe many kinds of birds and sea turtles and find your inner tranquillity.


The home of the Capverdian capital Praia and the largest island of Cabo Verde. It’s definitely the island with the most diversified landscape and activity offerings. Being one of the more mountainous and greener islands, it is a great alternative to Santo Antão, but with easier hiking trails. Next to the lively Praia with over 100.000 inhabitants, you should go to Cidade da Ribeira Grande de Santiago to dive into the colonial past of the country.

Socialbnbtips:  October until June is the best time to visit Cabo Verde since   it’s a dry season with more wind and pleasant temperatures. Even though they have a local currency, paying with Euro is often possible. You can only exchange your money at ATMs in Cabo Verde.



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