Five things you don’t want to miss on your next journey!

Researching and planning your trip beforehand can of be helpful, but should not be taken too far. It is important to find a good way in between the two extremes. Not planning at all or planning only for the very basics can lead to negative surprises when arriving in a foreign country with an unfamiliar language. Knowing at least the address of the first accommodation, some of the main sites in the area, and having a basic knowledge about the local religion and maybe even social & culinary habits can be quite handy for a smooth start of the vacation. However stressing too much about every detail and watching too many documentaries, travel videos, and vlogs can ruin a trip in many ways. You won’t get that awesome travel excitement if you are worried about every potential threat in that country and if you already know every single “secret” spot.

To be on the safe side and to avoid any disappointing or unpleasant situations, knowing a few things before heading on the adventurous road, can be a blessing. Here are 5 useful bring-a-longs regarding planning and traveling that you might not have thought of before.

1. Drybags

When heading to the tropics it can be quite convenient to have a drybag; a waterproof travelbag where important documents, electronics, and other things can be stored safely in the face of heavy tropical rainfalls, or while camping and kayak cruises.

2. Ear Plugs

Another thing that might seem to be obvious to some people are foam ear plugs. If you have ever experienced a crowded bunk bed dorm with several people or maybe only even one person snoring like a bear, you surely never want to spoil your trip by sleep deprivation again

3. Scarf

Incredibly helpful on airplanes, in freezing trains and buses, on the beach, and in sacred religious sites is a wide scarf or sarong-like peace of cloth. Its multipurpose function can save you from catching a cold, allows you to enter mosques and temples by re-purposing the scarf into a long skirt or head wrap, and can tun into a comfortable accessory for a lazy day on the beach

4. Battery

Pretty sure, that many of you have already been in the situation that you want to catch a perfect moment on camera, but an empty battery or a full SD card thwart your photographic plans. Additional empty SD cards, a second charged battery for the camera or a power bank can be life (photo) savers. Please check out before a trip to see if your batteries are charged for the flight in particular.

5. Little pharmacy

Finally, most of us surely know that traveling can also be exhausting. Thus, no matter where you are, it’s simply always handy to be prepared in case your body needs a little time-out.  So make sure to bring along some magical helpers in case of flues, travel sickness, headaches, stomach aches or just hangovers ;).

Maybe these few tips can help you to turn your next trip into a less stressful, but exciting and unique experience!

Written by: Louisa Hain
Edited by: Robert Beahr

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