My experience at Pang Na in Cambodia

Have you ever decided to spend one and a half hours in one of the auto rickshaws? A Tuk-Tuk is a good option to get around in Southeast-Asian cities. When Mr Thy picked me up I didn’t know what I got myself into. It was dusty, bumpy and – scenic. The moment I saw the rice fields and the small children running around, waving at me, I knew it was worth the ride.

Pang Na is a small village 45km out of Phnom Penh. There are not many reasons to go there, but for me there were a few very important ones. I stayed for one night in a homestay with Mr Thy and his family. This was about the experience in a local village and I also wanted to support a very special project.

“The normal school doesn’t provide English lessons for the children. But they need it to get better jobs and salary in the future. And I want them to have a better future.”

A new start for the school

Mr Thy started to teach children in his living room and outside his house in a small wooden shelter. During the last rainy seasons, the school got damaged to a point that they weren’t able to use it anymore. Currently he is looking for support to build a new school, a proper one. Seeing him talking about his plans and how much he enjoys to help, makes me smile.

After a short walk through the rice fields with his son Dina and 15 children from the village, we visited a temple and the government school. Mr Thy arranged to use one classroom each day for English lessons until the new school is finished. Seeing the kids laughing and eager to learn made me think a lot about education. What if education is the key to a more successful life? And what if not everyone can afford the price of the lessons. This is not a question you normally ask yourself in a country with compulsory education. Maybe we should if its essential to our lives.

Staying in a simple home close to nature

Making our way home with a fresh coconut in our hands, we finished the day off with a joint dinner. The food was simple and Mr Thys wife did everything to make us feel at home. She prepared the big bed with a mosquito net and made sure we have a fan next to it.

Sleeping to the sounds of nature and hearing children laugh in the distance. I will never forget this night in Pang Na. Paying for a special experience and to know that my money goes directly to a project that supports children in a small village in Cambodia is an incredible feeling.

Thank you Socialbnb, Thank you Mr Thy!

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