Hello Kenya!

As we welcome our first partner in Kenya on this platform, we would like to take the chance and introduce you to this very beautiful African country.

Kenya is located directly on the equator in the mid east of Africa and has a lovely coastline at the Indian Ocean. Kenya’s beaches might easily be the most gorgeous ones of the continent. Fine white sand, a blue and pleasantly warm ocean, coconut palm trees, coral reefs… you could mistake this place for a tropical island!

But of course there is a different picture in your head when you think of Kenya: Its wild life and safaris. This is for a fair reason: All of Africa’s big five animals (Lions, African buffalos, Rhinoceroses, Elephants, and Leopards) can all be spotted in Kenya. There are 54 national parks all over the country, the most popular one being the Maasai Mara. It basically is an extension to Tanzania’s world famous Serengeti National Park. Throughout the entire year you are able to see all kinds of African savanna animals in the Maasai Mara. But in June plenty of herbivores like zebras, antelopes, and giraffs all travel into this part of the park. The grass keeps on growing there, whereas it becomes too dry in the Serengeti Park. If you happen to have a little extra money, you could watch the Maasai Mara Park from a special point of view. All you need to do is book a trip with a hot air balloon and watch the animals from the sky while the sun is rising.

If we told you, “There’s snow near the equator!” you would not believe us, would you? But there is! It is 15 km south of the equator, on top of Kenya’s highest mountain, Mount Kenya. With its 5199 m it is also the second highest mountain in Africa.

Did you ever have the dream of visiting hell’s gate? Well, your dream can come true in Kenya. The park aptly named “Hell’s Gate” located 1500 m up in the mountains and it has a beautiful landscape. Hell’s Gate is also a canyon made of two dead volcanoes. The atmosphere there is simply amazing, and because it is in the mountains, you will most likely see different animals that in are the savanna like eagles and vultures.

There is so much more to experience in Kenya! Find out about it by yourself by booking a trip via Socialbnb. Tell us about your experience and what we have missed to mention!

Written by: Sophie Fritzen
Edited by: Robert Beahr

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