Top 5 tips for your van Life🔝

from Jessy & Phillipp

This year, we got to know life in a campervan extensively, with its many facets, extraordinary situations and “hard-earned” insights ☝🏻😃
We already ordered our van back in Germany, so that we could directly start into our adventure 🚙 During Corona travelling in your own campervan is a great possibility to avoid masses and still have a great vacation 🧳 Therefore here are our Top 5 Tips for a successful van life🔝

1 All roads lead to… 🗺
We plan our routes mostly to Freedom camping sites (free camping sites, mostly with a toilet). You can do this in New Zealand with the Campermate app, which is also available for Australia 📲 and which shows all routes with Google Maps 🧭 The least populated the area, the more we are happy to meet other campers thanks to the app. Furthermore, there are ratings for the sites as well as very cool tips for hiking, sightseeing or the next best fish & chips store especially in New Zealand 😜 🍟

2. Smell good, feel good 😷
The van life makes more adventurous, because there is not much to do inside the car 😛 Everything takes a little longer, which is ok. After all, we are on vacation 😌 A shower 🚿 will be just as well-deserved as a cooked meal on the camping stove 🧑🏼🍳 There are numerous public (cold) showers in New Zealand. The better option for us (especially on colder days) are the cheap swimming pools. There we can combine our body wash with sports. A great option 🏊🏻♀

3. The small and large challenges of everyday life 🚽 💧
As close as the kitchen is, it can be uncomfortable to prepare food with bad weather. The toilet is not far away on a van with a functioning chemical toilet, but 99 percent of the times they are not really being used 🙅🏼 Therefore, we regularly keep an eye out for public toilets 😄 We also use it to fill up water and wash dishes 🧼 You learn to make the day efficient.

4. Battery empty 🔋
There are laundrettes in almost every place in New Zealand; the laundry gets clean cheap and fast 🧼 Besides, we were mostly surrounded by locals, because the laundrette life is almost a cult in New Zealand 🧺. The time there we spend mostly in the free Wifi and charge our devices. Because this is a rare commodity and we download music, films and Podcasts, make calls or answer messages 👨💻 Usually we go to the public libraries for this 📚 super equipped, with office tables, sufficiently plug sockets, good Wifi, clean toilets. It always feels like we are coming back to civilization.  😊 In the Van we can load over various USB ports or use the powerbank, if you do not have a second battery in the Van 📲

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️
Many campers have a second car battery for e.g. a refrigerator. We have a cool box and use ice packs (if possible). The warmer it gets, the less we can buy in stock 🛒 Dry and well packed things are practical. In New Zealand there is a chain “Bin Inn”, an “unpacked” store, where we regularly stock up and have less packaging waste 👍🏻 We try to avoid canned food because of the aluminium used 🥫 The more fresh food, the more animals (ants, beetles, mice) are attracted to it. Therefore resealable boxes and bags are practical. We fill up drinking water at camping sites, gas stations or at inner-city taps. This also saves many plastic bottles and money 💰

The experiences we made in the camper and this way of travelling made this year very special and we would like to go “on the road” again soon. But we also don’t want to do without the fixed accommodations in between for work assignments, couchsurfing etc. Thus we look forward again all the more to the “freedom” on the road 🛣 🚙


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