Pearl of Africa

Winston Churchill once called Uganda “The Pearl of Afrika”. And he was right: “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion and brilliant life”. So what are you waiting for? Keep on reading and dive into the Magnificence of Uganda, as Churchill called it.

Lets start with Ugandas Capital, Kampala. Roaming through Kampala, you will notice how busy and colorful it is. On nearly every corner there are craft markets, where crafters present their wares. Most of those crafts are handmade, and you will definitely find something special to take home with you that will remind you of your trip to Uganda. Apart from craft markets, there are also plenty of food markets. Go ahead and try Ugandan street food on your way through Kampala. As with so many capital cities,there are plenty of museums and cultural centers, but you might consider a guided sightseeing tour to be able to see the most important sights without getting lost on your way. The fastest way to get around Kampala is definitely on a moterbike, and you can easily rent them just like taxis.

Since Uganda holds a large part of Lake Victoria, there are of course beautiful beaches. Entebbe, a peninsula near Kampala, is supposed to have the most gorgeous beaches in Uganda. Also, the river Blue Nile starts from the Ugandan part of Lake Victoria. Later on the Blue Nile and the White Nile, which partly flows through Uganda, form one of the largest rivers in the world: the Nile.

Fort Portal, a city in western Uganda, is a different place that we dearly recommend for a visit. It is less busy as Kampala but not less colorful. The largest open air market is located in Fort Portal. There you can get all sorts of food and merchandise.

The Amabere Caves near Fort Portal are worth a visit as well. Even though the caves alone might not be as impressive as locals promise, the landscape in that area is simply magnificent with its breathtaking views. The view will most likely inspire you to go for a hike along the lake. Locals speak glowingly about the caves, as the rocks within the caves represend a lot of cultural value. If you are interested into local culture be sure to listen to one or another of their tales. You will then know as to why the caves mean so much to the people.

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Written by: Sophie Fritzen
Edited by: Robert Beahr

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