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A fun and conscious ecovillage with camping for everyone who feels like it! Your accommodation is a bungalow for two people and you can enjoy your time in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.We do not have a kitchen available, but offer breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5€ per meal.There is also a mini market. We are not a 5-star hotel, but every evening you can admire the beauty of the starry galaxy

Your overnight stay supports

community-oriented projects and our sustainable organic farming.

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    On site at the farm we offer different activities. We do yoga together, or Reiki session, weekly moon circle, Indian dance class, Permaculture gardening workshop or Biodynamic sustainability workshop, you can rent bikes or enjoy a massage. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to find activities for you together. SEVILLA - The great city - Seville, the Spanish heart of art, Gothic architecture and culture. Go on a tapas bar tour, explore the magnificent plazas, discover the ancient churches, take an evening stroll along the Guadalquivir River or get cozy in an authentic flamenco pub and dance your heart out - until sunrise


      €70 /
      per night


      How to get there

      Our headquarters is located between two continents - Europe and Africa; two countries - Spain and Portugal; and two bodies of water - the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.This meeting point is not only an important center for strong energies. GPS location: 37°13'12.9 "N 6°30'55.0 "W The nearest international airport, Seville, is an hour's drive away. The nearest town, Almonte, ten minutes drive


      languages all over the world
      • English
      • Spanish
      • German


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