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Entire accommodation in an Apartment, Your impact host is Evan

2 persons

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About your accomodation

Our cozy Borgo was built on the foundations of an old castle and is located in a panoramic position in the beautiful foothills of the Apennines in Val Bidente. We have furnished four apartments in the stone house with rustic and antique furniture from Romagna.

They give the room a warm and familiar atmosphere.

This apartment can accommodate two people. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with their own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The organic farm offers fresh vegetables and fruit, which you can pick yourself in season if you are interested. On request and by prior arrangement, we can tell you more about our larger project to support bioregional regeneration through participatory education, ecovillage community and local networking..

Your overnight stay supports

social and ecological regeneration in the Val Bidente bioregion.

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    We can organize a full tour of our project on prior request.

    For small groups we can arrange special activities, such as vegetarian cooking classes, beekeeping and permaculture workshops.

    We work with a local bike tour operator to provide access to touring, or mountain and e-bikes (to be arranged separately), and we are within walking distance of walking and hiking trails and an hour's drive from Parco Foresta Casentinesi.


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      How to get there

      Nearest train station is Forli, nearest airport is Bologna. There is a bus service from Forli train station to the village of Cusercoli (2km from Borgo Basino) and from there we can arrange a pickup...


      languages all over the world
      • English
      • Italienisch


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