Asunción del Quiquibey Multi bedroom



Multi bedroom in a Tiny House, Your impact host is Stephanie

10 persons

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About your accomodation

Quiquibey is a small village at the edge of the virgin jungle.The accommodation is the same as how the locals sleep, meaning you would likely sleep on the floor, or a bit old mattress.The community also encourages camping, as it is a better experience to wake up and sleep in nature.The community has small rooms made of wood

Your overnight stay supports

Community's resilience in the face of climate change challenges.

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    Cooking classes, archery, handcraft, day hikes, reptile watching, star gazing at the river, exploration, agriculture, farming, harvesting, weaving, learning about traditional medicine, volleyball, football or fishing.



      €35.86 /
      per night


      How to get there

      1.From La Paz, Bolivia.Buy a ticket to Rurrenabaque online, it costs around 100bs. 2


      languages all over the world
      • Spanish
      • English
      • Moseten, t-Chiman, Aymara


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