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The house is located only five minutes from the town of Sapecho - Alto Beni, in the municipality of 24 de Septiembre, on the Sapecho - Palos Blancos road.

The lodge offers four comfortable rooms near the offices of Fundacion Renace and is surrounded by nature.

It is the ideal place for a pleasant rest, where you can taste locally produced and delicious chocolate and where the rustic landscape interacts with the comfort of the city.

Our lodge is part of our concept of living in harmony with nature..

Your overnight stay supports

the conservation and protection of the indigenous culture an the nature of our city Sapecho.

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    You can visit the "Ruta del Cacoa al Chocolate", where you can learn about the ecological cultivation of cacao by intercultural and indigenous farmers; you can also visit the research centre "Estación Experimental Sapecho", or the river "Alto Beni".


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      How to get there

      In La Paz you go to the terminal "Minasa" where you find the taxi company "Simtab".

      You take a taxi to the city of Sapecho, the trip to Sapecho takes 6 hours and costs about 15$.

      The bus company "Flota Yunguena" offers bus tickets at cheaper prices (round trip about 17$), but these trips take longer than by taxi.

      We also offer private transport to pick you up from your accommodation in La Paz, which we can arrange after your booking..


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