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Impact Experiences

Discover a new exciting way to travel with socialbnb Impact Experiences! With our Impact Experiences you can dive deeper in the local culture of your destination and make unique memories apart from the standard tourism offers.


Explore our Impact Trips

Our multi-day, individual round trips combine socialbnb impact accommodation and activities for a complete travel experience with impact. Discover entire destinations in a responsible way - without any planning effort.


Become an Impact Ambassador

As an Impact Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to stay for free in our social and environmental projects around the world.



Gift an unforgettable travel experience now.

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Our idea

It is the people we meet that change us.

Travel experiences in particular create these profound changes. We learn about new cultures and perspectives and make meaningful connections. In a world where mass tourism leads to the exclusion of local people and anonymization, we strive to make a difference.

We strongly believe that real connections made while traveling can positively change the world. That's why we create meaningful encounters at social and environmental projects with long-lasting impact. For you and for a better world of travel.

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How it works

icons representing the steps for you to make to enjoy your unique experience at a sustainable b & b

Book an accommodation at a social or ecological project on your next trip

icons representing the steps for you to make to enjoy your unique experience at a sustainable b & b

Get to know inspiring people on site and immerse yourself in the region

icons representing the steps for you to make to enjoy your unique experience at a sustainable b & b

Support the region you are traveling to, as the price paid is directly benefitting the local project

Step into Sustainability: Discover the Journey to Your Eco-Friendly B&B Experience
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Feedback from our community


socialbnb is a community-oriented way of experiencing places and cultures. Travellers and local communities, directly and reasonably supporting each other in a manner that is sustainable

Ndapewa Fenny Nakanyete, Scientist


For the travelers it remains simple: They book, pay & check in. The only difference is that the money goes to a good cause instead of commercial providers.

Geo Saison


I can only highly recommend this site to have your vacations directly in special, sustainable projects and to support them at the same time through your overnight stay.

Linda, stayed at Zonca-Ecovillage


With socialbnb we can reach more people who are looking for a different alternative of doing tourism with a purpose […].

Raúl Bello, Director of Kawsay, Peru


We have been thinking for a while about how we can use our location for tourism, but we are lacking the know-how and the handling for the procedure. socialbnb gives us this support.

Mildred Hauck, Former director of Intiwawa


My first stay was with a social organization called YAWE in Uganda and I was overwhelmed by the affectionate reception and the whole experience.

Markus stayed at YAWE

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