Wir verbinden Reisende mit sozialen und ökologischen Organisationen um ein einzigartiges Reiseerlebnis zu ermöglichen.

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„Socialbnb is a unique opportunity to explore more than usual during your trip. It is a win-win situation: on the one hand you as a traveler can get insights to some social projects you would most likely have never heard of before and you can support them in the same time with your stay. And on the other hand, it is a really good chance for these social projects to become more well-known and to get an additional source of income to secure their activities. My first stay was with a social foundation called YAWE in Uganda and I was overwhelmed by the warmly welcome and the overall experience.

“Sleeping to the sounds of nature and hearing children laugh in the distance. I will never forget this night in Pang Na. Paying for a special experience and to know that my money goes directly to a project that supports children in a small village in Cambodia is an incredible feeling.”

“Socialbnb is an amazing project and an awesome opportunity for everyone who likes to travel sustainable and get to know the locals. I loved my experiences in Shangilia, Kenya. Seeing all those lovely, kind and knowledge-seeking kids and knowing that I contributed with my stay to keep this facility running, made me very very happy.”

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