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Become an Impact Ambassador

and enjoy free stays

Are you planning your next trip or already on the road? Are you looking for accommodation that is not only affordable, but also has a positive impact on the community you are visiting?
Then we have the perfect solution for you:

Our new Impact Ambassador program!


The Impact Ambassador Program from socialbnb

As a socialbnb Impact Ambassador, you have the opportunity to stay for free in our social and environmental projects around the world. In return, we ask you to support us with your experiences, photos and videos from your trip so we can share them with others.

Not only will you have an unforgettable experience and discover the world in a new way, but you'll also give back and get socially involved. Join our socialbnb community and become an Impact Ambassador for positive change around the world!

Travel for us to many different accommodations 
As an Impact Ambassador, you can stay in unique accommodations for free and participate in activities by taking photos and creating video footage.
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Comfortable accommodation for every taste

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Stylish place to stay

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Individual vacation in a private atmosphere

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Sleep in unique rooms

Here is how it works
These are the five simple steps you need to follow to become a socialbnb Impact Ambassador. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our program!
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  • 1Register: Register as an Impact Ambassador on our website by filling out the contact form.

  • 2Eligibility: After you register, we will contact you via email to confirm if you have been selected to be an Impact Ambassador.

  • 3Travel: Choose a place to stay, travel there, and take photos and videos of your on-site experience. You can also take part in the activities organized by your hosts.

  • 4Rating: After your trip you have to rate your experience on our platform and provide us with your photos and videos.

  • 5Refund: Once we've reviewed your review and your photos and videos, you'll receive a refund for the cost of your night's accommodation.

"My first stay was with a social organization called YAWE in Uganda and I was really blown away by the warm welcome and overall experience at this socialbnb. "
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Guest at socialbnb YAWEMarkus

"A highly recommended site to spend your holidays directly in special, sustainable projects and at the same time to be able to support them with the overnight stay "
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Guest at socialbnb ZoncaLinda

"I was able to spend a night in the stone house on Silvia's lovely spot. It is a special place, very quiet, very green, with attention to detail and history. "
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Guest at socialbnb Orto DellldroChristoph

Do you have questions?

What are the requirements to become an Impact Ambassador?*

To become a socialbnb Impact Ambassador, you must be a registered user on our platform and be at least 18 years old. You can use the contact form to get in touch with us and plan your next stay. In addition, you should have a strong interest in the work of non-profit organizations and be willing to connect with local people.

What are the responsibilities of an Impact Ambassador?

As an Impact Ambassador, you have the opportunity to visit projects and organizations on site and to exchange ideas with the communities and hosts. During your visit, you are tasked with taking pictures and videos of the accommodation, premises, surroundings, activities, project work, and hosts, and documenting the overall experience of the adventure.

How can i apply?

If you are interested in becoming a socialbnb Impact Ambassador, you can contact us via the contact form on our website with a short message explaining why you think you would be a perfect fit for the program. We will then get in touch with you with more information and instructions on the Impact Ambassador program.

What are the benefits of the Impact Ambassador program?

As a socialbnb Impact Ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to connect deeply with local people and organizations and see first-hand how your support directly improves life in local communities. Receive a free night's stay during your stay while sharing your travel experiences and inspiring other travelers.

What do I have to consider with photo and video material?

Once you've registered, we'll send you more information about our photo guidelines. We have created a small photo guide for this, with which nothing should go wrong.

Can I stay longer in the accommodation?

The longer the better :-) Within the Impact Ambassador program, socialbnb only covers the cost for one overnight stay. It is of course possible to extend your stay as a guest. Just talk to us and we will clarify the availability on site.

How do I know the property is available?

As soon as you know the exact travel times, we will make contact with the accommodation. Please note that each accommodation can only be visited by one Impact Ambassador.

What should I write in my review on socialbnb?

Be as honest as you can and include what you personally would find helpful in a review. How was your arrival, how are the local people and how clean is the accommodation. Just describe your local experience.

How will I know if I'm approved as an Impact Ambassador?

As soon as you have entered your contact details, we will contact you within a week and talk to you about the further process

Does socialbnb reimburse travel expenses?

No, socialbnb only pays for one overnight stay for a maximum of 2 people. Travel expenses and meals are paid by the travelers themselves.

Can I get a camera?

No, the photos and videos should be taken with your own camera or smartphone. Please make sure that the quality is high. You will find more information in our photo guide, which you will receive after registration.

What is the deadline for photos and evaluation?

Unless otherwise agreed, the photos should be sent to socialbnb within the following 3 days after your visit. The evaluation via the socialbnb platform should also take place in the specified period. Late photos and general inactivity may result in exclusion of the program and not getting yours costs covered.

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